We really enjoyed our night out at Hitchin Folk Club on Easter Sunday after a slightly longer gap than usual between gigs because of illness (don't ask... we'll be here all day!). We're now safely back in the saddle and our next gig is on 5th May in Deal, but one a bit nearer to home will be on 12th May in West Wycombe. See gig page for details.


We organanized our CDs to be downloadable from this website until someone informed us that you have to charge VAT regardless of income threshold and start doing VAT accounts for any digital downloadable material you might be trying to sell on the internet.
Oh well, it was a good idea until we found out this little hitch, so now we can only offer physical CDs for sale and if we have sold out of a CD, we can only offer a reduced price computer copied CD ROM. Not very hi tech we know but it does mean that you can still buy all our albums.


We're doing a lot of recording at the moment and we've got a good selection of tracks building up for our next album. They are in different stages of development depending on how much work we felt like doing on them at the time. Some we have done live and some we haven't. There are also one or two tunes of ours from way back. The list so far...

Some Are Living
In A Lover's eyes
Don't Know Why
All That There Is
Never Say Goodbye
Hole In The Dark
My Own Sweet Way
We Are All Here Together
Walking Wounded


We've had our fair share of illness over the last few weeks and it was so nice to be out playing again last night at Dartford Folk Club. It was strange without Pam being there (she passed away last year) but it was great to see all our old friends at Dartford struggling on and making the club work. Dartford is one of the biggest and best run clubs around the London perimeter and long may it continue.
We always enjoy playing there... see you again next time. xx

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