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I know everyone says this but we do wish you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! and thanks for listening to us in all the little and large places we've played over the last year. We've really enjoyed ourselves and we hope 2014 will be a happy year for us all.


We recorded a video last night in the beautiful Minster Abbey on the Isle of Sheppey. Thanks to Brian Hazelden who rigged up a huge number of cameras (maybe eight of them?) and to Roy Middleton who did the sound.

Hopefully we'll have something there from the enormous effort that everyone put in, and thanks to everyone who turned up to watch. It wasn't exactly a gig as such, as we had to retake some of the songs, but at least it gave people a chance to get to know them if they hadn't heard them before!


Playing a local venue in Crouch End to a few friends last night and having a great time. Later on jamming (badly) with Ben Tyzack from the Spikedrivers... it turned out Dave was trying to play the blues in the funky tuning of E-A-D#-G-B-E (after Boo had retuned his 4th string at the end of their own set to create a little harmonics effect and a dynamic climax). Needless to say Dave was a bluesman non grata with the Crouch End purists after a puzzling cocophony was achieved during his hideous solo.


In the evening of Thursday 12th December, we shall be making a video on the Isle of Sheppey. We'll be doing two 40 min sets which will be filmed in the gorgeous setting of the Minster Abbey. The video shoot may require some retakes, but you are invited to come along and take part as the audience.

There's no admission charge but there will be a collection for the Abbey's building fund. There will also be a short recital by the church's singing group.

Of course there is no alcohol for sale, but feel free to bring your own. The show will start at about 8pm... I don't think we'll be doing the Atheist's Hymn!


We now have downloadable tracks and albums on itunes and Amazon, so if you want to be modern about it you can download our latest album 'Eye On The Sky' from Amazon if you press this button
If you want any other albums you'll find similar buttons for all our other albums in our online shop.
Of course if you want a nice old fashioned CD then you can order them there too. I personally need a CD for me to feel that the music really exists.. especially our own!


The mandolin has been quite a star in our last few shows. Only appearing briefly it seems to have made an incredibly good impression with our audiences.

Last night (at Sheppey Folk & Blues Club) we attempted an old song 'Amber' revamped with the mandolin. I remember doing a gig there years ago when we sold out of all our Amber CDs, so the song is a bit of a favourite there. I'm glad to say the substitution of mandolin for banjo got the thumbs up!

It was a folk club night with a difference last night... it was also a birthday do for a couple of our oldest friends. Happy birthday Helen & Paul!

(pic John Duder)


We played at Garboldisham Hall in Norfolk last night where we appeared in our two very different guises.... first as Dave and Boo (whoever they are) and later as Liz Simcock's backing band.

We had a lot to do as Liz promoted the gig herself and hired this quite large hall which she has played before. There was a very good turn out but we had to do everything from carrying in the PA to putting out the tables and lighting the candles. Pictured right is Dave in an unaccustomed role as compere.

This was also the first gig where Liz had copies of her new CD 'Friday Night Train Home' which we have been helping her record over the last 6 months. The new album sold like hot cakes last night. You too will be able to buy a copy online from her website soon.

We also helped Liz make videos of 'By The Way' and 'City Girl' which are two tracks from the new album now on Youtube.


Here we are with Nick Westcott, the organizer of the Lamb Folk Club in Eastbourne last night. A sweaty and very enjoyable gig and one we'll remember for a long time. A more appreciative audience you couldn't wish for and we hope we'll be asked back some time.

note: as you can see, the clothes we're both wearing are the same as at Broadstairs (see below). This is all we have left... we can't go on like this much longer. Please donate generously to our shop.


The last couple of weeks have been spent finishing off Liz Simcock's new album 'Friday Night Train Home'. It has now been dispatched for mastering and will be available from her website shortly. We will be doing a gig with Liz in a couple of weeks time in Garboldisham in Norfolk (Sat 14th) where we'll be opening the evening with our own set and then joining Liz as her band. Tickets are on sale from Liz's gig page and she's hoping to have her new CD available at the gig. Of course our new CD 'Eye On The Sky' will also be available!

In the meantime we'll be playing at the Lamb Folk Club in Eastbourne tomorrow (4th Sept) which we're really looking forward to. We've played there once before and were very pleased to be asked back. The level of musicianship at this club is outstanding and we highly recommend that you come along if you're anywhere nearby.


Dave and Boo had a great time at the seaside last weekend taking part in Broadstairs Folk Week. Some interesting and varied events which all seemed to go really well including a guitar workshop from Dave, a meet D&B session (where we gave a potted history of ourselves and our development, particularly since we started playing in folk clubs 15 years ago). Then a couple of incredibly well received gigs - one in a coffee shop at 10am and the other on the main stage the same evening.
We met lots of old friends and made lots of new ones we hope! We saw some great performances by some people we had never seen before.. the Okee Dokee Band with D&B's old friend from Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts - Keith Trussell who is keeping the spirit of the Bretts alive in a cross between Ian Dury and Madness. Then we met the Spikedrivers at our evening gig where we developed a mutual admiration society and discovered we're both from the north London Crouch End area - so we'll all be sharing alfresco croissants by the clocktower very soon. More pictures here.


Looking forward to our weekend at Broadstairs Festival doing various things...

Sunday 11th at 10am - 11.30am - Dave Ellis guitar workshop in the Council Chamber

and at 2.30pm - 4pm - Meet Dave Ellis & Boo Howard in the Sailing Club. Not all talk.. both events will involve some music.

Monday 12th Aug at 10am - 11am Cafe acoustic performance in the Old Curiosity Coffee Shop
and at 7.30pm - 10.30pm concert in the Concert Marquee where we'll be opening the show with a short set.

Hope to see you there. Pray for sun!


We had a brilliant time at Dartford Folk Club last night in our different guise as Liz Simcock's band. The good people of Dartford were very appreciative of the good work Dave & Boo have put into learning Liz's live set and adding their own style to her songs. We have almost finished Liz's new album and so this patch of feverish activity for us will probably calm down a bit!

Having said that, the next thing for us is D&B will be at Broadstairs Festival on 11th and 12th August. We'll be doing various things during these two days. Details on our gig page.


Haven't had much time to put anything on here lately as we've been exceptionally busy with Liz Simcock's album. She's really going to town on this one and this week we were helping her make a video of a couple of the songs from her new album - 'City Girl' and 'By The Way'.
It was a very long day but Liz has a new website in construction and the result of this video shoot will be on there shortly.

(photo: Paul Howard)


As soon as we had completed our own album 'Eye on the Sky', we started work on Liz Simcock's album, and this was the scene a couple of days ago from Liz's point of view.
The tracks are starting to accumulate and are sounding ace. The only downer was when Dave managed to record over a finished song which we had spent a couple of days on - we captured the definitive version, repaired a couple of glitches, overdubbed backing vocals amongst other things... and then he erased it!!!
Picture of Dave recovering from his injuries in hospital to follow.


A little update.. we've been very busy doing gigs as well as recording Liz Simcock's new album. We also played at Readifolk in Reading with Liz last Sunday as her backing band, which went on a smooth upward trajectory towards world domination.
We're playing tonight in our own right at the Great Knight FC in Northampton which we haven't played at for almost 4 years, so we're looking forward to seeing some old(er) friends up there later.


Ahh the glamour, the non stop excitement... this is us seeing how many instruments we can get into a Skoda's boot in between a couple of gigs up north this last weekend.

Thanks to everyone (especially Nick & Chris) at the Raven FC in Chester on Sunday for making us so welcome. We really enjoyed ourselves. Hope your festival goes well in a couple of weeks time.


We had a really great time last night with all the lovely folk at Riverfolk in Lechlade, Glos. Some very talented local singers at this club who gave up a lot of their playing time to become a very appreciative audience. Thanks to Jay and Ray and everyone there - see you again we hope...


Thanks to everyone who came to our album launch for 'Eye In The Sky' last Sunday at Hitchin Folk Club. We really enjoyed ourselves and got our new set of songs well and truly under way. It was great to see so many old friends.

(photo: Phil Yorke)

Liz Simcock's set was something entirely new for us and it was a real joy to play someone else's inspirational music. We'll be doing a lot more gigs with Liz in the coming year, so watch out!

(photo: Phil Yorke)

more photos here


You are invited to our

ALBUM LAUNCH! of 'Eye On The Sky'
A special Easter Sunday gig on 31st March at 8pm
at Hitchin Folk Club, Sun Hotel, Sun St, Hitchin, Herts SG51AF
View Google Map to this gig
Tonight we launch our sixth album 'Eye on the Sky'.
This will be the first time you'll be able to get your hands on a copy at a gig...
We'll be starting the evening at 8.15pm with one 70 min set playing songs from the album. We'll be sharing the evening with Liz Simcock as we have many times before at Hitchin and had some wonderful nights here.
This one will be slightly different as we'll also be playing as Liz's backing band for her set at about 9.40.
Should be a special night and we really hope you can come if you're anywhere nearby!


'Eye on the Sky' album launch will be on Easter Sunday (March 31st) at Hitchin Folk Club. Hope you can come! If not you can now buy the CD online (see below)...

A trip through our new 2013 album 'Eye on the Sky', which takes you on a ride through the planet of Dave and Boo: an eclectic mix of folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, atmospheric ballads, pastiche show tunes, ragtime... and more!
Some people will remember 'Eye on the Sky' as a song that defined Dave and Boo in their band days. Others from even further back might remember 'Silly Me & Silly You' from Dave's set in the 70's but rearranged and revisited with a great vocal from Boo.
All the other tunes are brand new and all the material is original with a variance of style that defies description. Go on... take the trip!

Available now! Click here to buy it online


Our new album is called 'Eye On The Sky' and will be available within the next month. We're putting the finishing touches to it today before mastering and the track listing is as follows:

Any Month of Any Year
Silly Me & Silly You
Me & Angie
The Skerryvore Light
Traffic Jam
Moonlight Optimist
Eye On The Sky
Fun Before We Die
On My Side
Come & Let Me Take Your Hand

All these tunes are our own and a lot of them will be familiar to anyone who has seen us at a gig in the last year or so. Keep an 'eye on the shop!'.. it will be on there as soon as we have it.


A couple of very enjoyable gigs this week: St Neots FC last Tuesday and a sell out at Fourth Friday in Covent Garden last night. Thanks to everyone who braved the snow and came out and helped us have such a good time.

We keep meaning to take a picture of the audience when we do a gig but we keep forgetting! Next one as it stands at the moment is Hitchin FC on Easter Sunday (March 31st) where our new CD 'Eye On The Sky' will be available for the first time. It will also be the first time we'll be doing a gig in our own right and also backing Liz Simcock for her set. Should be a night to remember. Hope you can come... please put it in your diary if you're around.


3 videos shot by Mike Watts at Twickfolk on Sunday. Excellent quality for a live gig... here's 'Siily Me & Silly You'. The other two ('Fun Before We Die' & 'Indian Country' are now on our vids page.


Thanks Twickfolk for a great gig! We were surpised by a really good turnout in Twickenham so soon after the festivities and we were made to feel really welcome. Thanks to Gerry, Paul and Sue and everyone who helps run the club. This was one of the first acoustic clubs we played 15 years ago and remains one of our favourites as the club enters its fourth decade.


Happy New Year everyone! We had a great time last year with some wonderful gigs and lots of new friends made. We can only hope the coming year will be just as positive.

2013 will see a new album from us. We still can't decide on a title but it should be out within the next 2-3 months and will feature an eclectic mix of D&B originals which we've really enjoyed recording. One or two of the tracks have demanded a lot from us, and the result is something quite different from our previous CDs, which we're very proud of.

We'll also be doing gigs with Liz Simcock as well as our own this coming year, so watch out for one of those dates (details on Liz's gig page). We've worked very hard on Liz's arrangements, harmonies etc and we're looking forward to doing it all in public for a change!

This Sunday (6th Jan) we'll be starting our own gigs rolling again at Twickfolk in Twickenham (details on our gig page). So, forget about Christmas... if you're near that gig it would be lovely to see you. We can't wait to get out there playing again!!

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