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Single items can be moved for as little as £15 depending on what it is and distance.

For larger moves we will give you an estimate based on what you tell us...

• what have you got to move?
• from where to where?
• from what floor to what floor?
• are there any lifts?
• will you help or do you need 2 men?

If you don't want to specify the goods to be moved, we will work at an hourly rate depending on the distance involved plus the number of helpers you need.

The £11.50 Congestion Charge and the £12.50 ULEZ (ultra low emission zone) charge will be added to your quote if your move happens within the active congestion area (see below). Whenever possible we'll try to avoid this area.

ULEZ is in force 24 hours, Congestion Charge is between 0700 - 1800 Monday to Friday. Click for bigger picture.

The quoted price is all inclusive and there will be no hidden extra charges - fuel cost is included and there is no VAT.

Fixed prices for longer distances. If you're moving out of London - please give us a call. We are happy to do long distance work and will try to beat all competitive quotes.

Invoices and written estimates can be given on request.