Our new album has been delayed slightly as we're experimenting with 2 extra songs.
One is a resurrection of one of Dave's songs from the 70's called 'Reasons For The Rhymes' which was brought to his attention by an old DE fan who says he has been playing it for the last 30+ years (poor guy!) It has now been reworked and rewritten but not yet recorded.
The other is a blues called 'Nothing In Between' which we are revamping as an acoustic blues as opposed to the wild thrash it used to be in our band days.
This continues our tradition of pillaging our past repertoire for our CDs. All the other songs for the album (listed below on 7/feb/15) are original and written over the last couple of years.
You may be wondering what this Magritte painting has to do with the album... well, the CD will be called 'Back To Default' and we are going to try and recreate this picture for the cover with a bit of Dave and Boo photoshopping. The bowler has already been found!


Really looking forward to playing tonight at Watford Folk Club (see gig page for details).
Here's a little video we've just put together of the kind of thing you might expect later if you're in the area. It's a gig condensed down to 5 minutes...


It was a lovely night down in Arundel last night at the Willows FC. Thanks to Trish and all the regulars. Can't believe it's 15 years since we were last down there... but it was good to be back and we had a great time.
We did miss Chris's presenting skills as he was ill and couldn't make it, but get well soon Chris and hopefully we'll see you next time.


We now have a complete or almost complete running order for our new CD. We have been working on it over the last couple of years and we're very excited with the way this most recent crop of songs has taken shape. Can't wait for you to hear it! It should be available in a couple of months...

We Go Round
Remembrance Day
Home Again
I Know
Facebook Friend
Who Will Tie
Back To Default
Victor Coyle
Two Left Feet
Always Will

We have been doing most of these titles live for some time, so we hope there's a song or two there that you might have been waiting for!


We've been very busy recording our new album with the latest and possibly the last song 'Home Again' being recorded over this last week. It's a real Dave and Boo collaboration and has taken months to get into this form. We've had a lot of fun recording it though despite disagreeing about almost everything!

'Home Again.'


It was a real joy to play at Readifolk last night. A more attentive and responsive audience you couldn't wish for! Thanks to Una and Colin and everyone at the club.
We haven't done a gig since before Christmas and we really enjoyed playing through our new amps which replaced our old Fenders (pictured below). If you play live acoustic music using amps, do check out ACUS amplifiers... they make your beautiful guitar sound like a beautiful guitar and not like a pickup!
We had lots of new songs to try out and we have now nearly finished our new album which should be out sometime in the Spring.


Happy New Year everyone!

Looking forward to a few gigs in January. The first one is in Reading at Readifolk on Jan 11th. Details on the gig page. See you there if you're in the area.

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