Easter is coming around again and for us that can only mean one thing..
Hitchin Folk Club on Easter Sunday!
Last year's gig went so well that we're doing it again. Easter Sunday is on April 20th this year and if you came last year you'll know a little of what to expect! We'll be doing songs from our latest album 'Eye On The Sky' and also backing the sensational Liz Simcock in this double header.
Liz will be starting the evening at 8.15pm and we hope you can come and help us make it another Easter Sunday to remember. Click here for more detail.


A really enjoyable weekend of gigs in Chester - at the Chester Festival Folk Day on Saturday and at the Raven Folk Club on Sunday (with Liz Simcock). It's great to see such a lively happening folk scene up there with some very talented local musicians there to inspire us. We hope we'll see you again soon when we do some more gigs in the area in July (see gig page)


An unusual musical soiree last night at the Great Northern in Crouch End where chief Spikedriver Ben Tyzack celebrated the first anniversary of his club 'Blues and Other Colours'. Guests who had played there over the year were each invited to play a few songs (mainly to each other!)
This was the final jam with some eminent names taking part including (L-R) Melanie Harrold, Boo, Constance Redgrave, Fran McGillivray, (sorry didn't catch this man's name but a great slide player!), Mike Burke, Ben Tyzak. Dave isn't in the picture as he hates joining in with anything and was hiding in the toilet!


Our next public gig is on 22nd Feb at the Chester Festival February Folk Day (details on the gig page) which we're looking forward to and should be an experience!...

Afternoon Concert

We'll be on at about 3pm for a 35 min set


We'll be talking about our methods of songwriting with some hints on guitar accompaniment from 5.30 - 6.30pm.

Evening Folk Club
We'll be on at about 9pm.

Hope you'll come along if you're in the area.



We're having such a great time on gigs at the moment. We've had some lovely audiences, the one last night was no exception at Faversham Folk Club. A great reception and a night to remember.

We are doing a fair number of new songs in our set at the moment. Most if not all will probably be our next album. They are:

Who Will Tie
Facebook Friend
We Go Round
Two Left Feet
Almost Right


Nice evening at Fourth Friday in Covent Garden last night. Hugely enjoyable for us. You know we didn't mean it about FB... if you can find it in your heart to 'like' us(!).. see you again sometime we hope. Thanks for coming.

(pic: Mike Watts)


Thanks to all who came to Croydon FC last night. We really enjoyed ourselves with an extremely responsive audience (plus we managed to do justice to some of our newer tunes!) See you again next time we're anywhere in south London.. as it stands at the moment that won't be until October! However we've got a gig in Covent Garden at Fourth Friday on 24th Jan if you fancy a trip into town (this is an evening of poetry and music).

See our gig page for details or join our mailing list and we'll let you know when we're in your area. Oh... and we didn't really mean the rant in 'Facebook Friend', so if you want to 'like' us, we'd like you to like us! Please click here...


First gig of the new year at Dartford FC last night. Very happy to be out there playing some new songs to our old friends. Nice to see Pam and Alan again with Colin in great form.. the Dartford Ramblers told us they'd actually rehearsed!

Brian Hazelden, who made the Minster Abbey video (see below) installed a TV monitor by our merchandise running clips from the video. Looked very impressive but unfortunately you can't buy it yet. We'll keep you posted... oh and we may have committed Facebook suicide with our song 'Facebook Friend'. We didn't mean it... much

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